What is in your Ski Mountaineering hard-goods kit?

This is what I carry in my essential ski mountaineering hard-goods kit. I didn't include a rope only because the rope I will take can vary quite a bit, but what I have listed here and included in the photo is my go to kit.

  • Rappel device with auto lock mode, Black Diamond ATC guide. 1 small locker and 1 mini pearabiner(round stock)
  • 2 prusiks on small non-locker.
  • 1 Nylon double length with locker
  • 1 dyneema double. I don't use it as my rappel tether, but could come in handy
  • 1 Penberthy
  • 2 rappel rings/versalinks. A must if you are using a pull cord.
  • Knife
  • 1 extra locker small
  • 1 extra locker (round stock)
  • 1 extendable sling
  • 1 cordelette with locker
  • 2 small non-lockers
  • 6 stoppers of various sizes
  • 1 cordelette of normal accessory cord to cut in case an anchor needs some repair
  • 1 lightweight harness

Total weight of kit is just over 3 pounds. Rap rings, stoppers and back-up anchor materials are gear that you and your ski partner don't both have to carry. You just need one set of 6 stoppers and 1 set of rap rings and cordelette to leave behind.