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Cost: $6,960 USD standard room, single occupancy. / 5-Star luxury ski camp based out of Bariloche, Argentina

A week long ski vacation in the mountains surrounding Bariloche, Argentina, the lakes district of Patagonia. We will be skiing on-piste, backcountry and even some ski mountaineering lines. The nearby and legendary Frey Hut is just a short distance away. If conditions permit we will spend a few days skiing out of the hut. When not in the backcountry you will be staying in the Llao Llao hotel nestled in the heart of the Lakes District national parks area of Patagonia. We will ski at Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina to warm up. The first few days we will focus on technique and movement fundamentals. We will then spend the days exploring the backcountry.

Accomodations are at the 5-star Llao Llao hotel for seven nights. Breakfast is included in your package. Lunch and dinner will be at an additional cost, and we will be sampling the incredible food the region has to offer, including some of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Accomodations are at...


Heli Skiing in Alaska is one of the most exciting experiences a skier can have. The terrain in the Chugach is like nothing else on the planet. Come experience what skiers wait their whole lives for. Alaska Rendezvous Heli Ski Guides Lodge is located in the "Blue Hole" of the Chugach and has some of the best skiing and best flying weather in Alaksa. Contact Brenton at for more info or go to Alaska Rendezvous website for prices. Watch the Video "ARG, it's a Home Run" by clicking below.


This is what I carry in my essential ski mountaineering hard-goods kit. I didn't include a rope only because the rope I will take can vary quite a bit, but what I have listed here and included in the photo is my go to kit.

  • Rappel device with auto lock mode, Black Diamond ATC guide. 1 small locker and 1 mini pearabiner(round stock)
  • 2 prusiks on small non-locker.
  • 1 Nylon double length with locker
  • 1 dyneema double. I don't use it as my rappel tether, but could come in handy
  • 1 Penberthy
  • 2 rappel rings/versalinks. A must if you are using a pull cord.
  • Knife
  • 1 extra locker small
  • 1 extra locker (round stock)
  • 1 extendable sling
  • 1 cordelette with locker
  • 2 small non-lockers
  • 6 stoppers of various sizes
  • 1 cordelette of normal accessory cord to cut in case an anchor needs some repair
  • 1 lightweight harness

Total weight of kit is just over 3 pounds. Rap rings, stoppers and back-up anchor materials are gear that you and your ski partner don't both have to...