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Essential Ski Mountaineering Skills Course

The Essential Ski Mountaineering Skills course is designed to take an accomplished backcountry skier or freeride skier and turn them into ski mountaineer. It was developed in conjunction with Teton Backcountry Skiing, The Mountain Tactical Institute and Mountain Athlete in Jackson, WY. We will be teaching and discussing what is needed to better protect you in a mountain environment, starting with what is included in an essential ski mountaineering kit. Students will then learn how to use a kit effectively to build rappel extensions and friction back-ups, develop efficient rope management techniques and use pull cords, among other technical skills. Classroom-based training maximizes opportunity for repetition of these skills, allowing students to commit them to memory for quick recall in the mountains. We will also be discussing ways to approach technical terrain and better protect yourself in technical winter environments. Email if you are interested

This course is taught in 2, 3 hour evening sessions. Cost $225 per person.

*Must have 4 people to run the course.